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Virtual Elite Mental Performance Camp July 13-17

By Legacy Soccer Club , 07/11/20, 10:00PM EDT


A Unique Opportunity for Legacy Athletes, Parents and Staff

Legacy Soccer Club is thrilled to be able to offer our club members the opportunity to attend a ground-breaking and innovative Virtual Elite Mental Performance Camp delivered by X-Factor Performance founder Dr. Tiff Jones.   Please click here to learn more about the opportunity Legacy is providing our families and staff.   

Virtual Elite Mental Performance Training | Power.

Legacy Soccer Club is thrilled to offer, at no cost, our athletes, their parents, and our staff this unique opportunity to learn how to their young athletes reach their individual personal excellence in all aspects of life. 

Designed for an audience of players aged 12-18 and their parents / guardians, the  Virtual Elite Mental Performance Training delivers 15 hours of content over the week that covers:

  • Self-Awareness and Confidence
  • Training Using the Mentality Zones
  • Behavioral Styles and Consistent Athletic Performance
  • The How’s: How to Develop and Train Mental Skills
  • Performing Under Pressure

It is delivered through: 

  • 1 hour 15 minutes of live programming Monday through Friday, including a 30-minute Q&A session with a professional athlete
  • 2-hour pre-recorded webinar for the athlete sent in advance of each day’s live programming (1 hour of programming and 1 hour of interactive exercises)
  • 30-minute pre-recorded webinar for parents to be sent after each day’s live programming
  • 10-15 minutes of pre-recorded programming from experts in each of the following fields: athletic training, sport performance, nutrition, and yoga

The following professional athletes will participate in  live 30-minute Q&A sessions with our attendees: 

  • Monday – Katrín Davíðsdóttir (2x CrossFit Games Champion)
  • Tuesday – Coy Wire (9-year NFL Veteran, Current CNN Sport Anchor and Correspondent)
  • Wednesday – Brianna Decker (USA Women’s Hockey, Member of Gold Medal Olympic Team)
  • Thursday – Mat Fraser (4x CrossFit Games Champion)
  • Friday – Meghan Klingenberg (Former USA Women’s Soccer Player, World Cup Champion)

These sessions will run daily the week of July 13th-17th via Zoom from 12:00 - 1:15 p.m. EDT.  

Parents will receive links for players  and parents to review 'Pre-Camp Sessions via video'  - yes, parents have their own videos - so that all attendees are prepared for the upcoming sessions.  

Details will be sent out to all of our families.  We look forward to the sessions and having our families see and share the results over the months to come.