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Legacy Virtual Training Academy Progresses

By Legacy Soccer Club , 04/30/20, 9:00PM EDT


Teams Ramp Up Activities

Our Legacy Virtual Training Academy (LVTA) has shifted this week from our Engagement Phase to the Activation Phase where our teams are meeting virtually two or  three times per week  (based on age-appropriate development) to work on technical and tactical skills, physical fitness, and social awareness.   Click to read more about the LVTA to learn more about where we are and where we are going as ready our players and staff for a return to play.

Taking Our Game to the Next Level

Our Legacy Virtual Training Academy has shifted to our second phase "Activation" - adding additional weekly team virtual training sessions to ensure that our players are taking their game to the next level.   

While parents, schools, and the soccer world adjusts to the realities of the current COVID-19 crisis, we have expanded our online training program to provide players additional coach-led sessions that include virtual on the field  and classroom programming to help players gain and maintain their technical skills, further develop their tactical understanding of the game and their positions, and sharpen their physical fitness.   

Our club did not miss a beat when fields were closed as we quickly launched weekly Zoom team meetings to keep staff, players and families connected.  These meetings were quickly supplemented with TopTekkers challenges and TED-Ed learning sessions (see some to the right) for our players.  Fun contests from juggling to trick shots and goal celebrations popped up on our Facebook page and YouTube channel as everyone found fun ways to stay sharp and avoid cabin fever. 

We are excited about Activation phase and are grateful for all the hard work and pride our players and staff are putting into improving themselves and our club.   

The image below shows our Legacy Virtual Training Academy phases at a glance.   

Legacy TED-Ed Programs

Key Qualities of a Legacy Player:

Legacy Numbering System: