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Developing Mental Strength in Life

By Legacy Soccer Club , 04/29/20, 9:30PM EDT


Legacy and Elite Mind Webinar Held

Sam Brown and Emily Thompson of The Elite Mind Academy, LLC hosted a webinar that introduced mental skills training to Legacy athletes and families on April 29th. Click here to learn more. 

Tools to Keep Our Athletes' Mind Strong

Legacy Soccer Club welcomed Sam Brown and Emily Thompson of The Elite Mind Academy, LLC as they introduced our athletes and families to the concepts of mental skills training, including Controlling the Controllables - a strategy to identify the areas in our lives that are both outside and inside our control. 

Attendees learned that they can more effectively deal with some of the frustrations, negative emotions and uncertainties they could be experiencing in this unprecedented time of virtual learning and suspended organized activities.   

We are grateful to Sam and Emily for sharing these simple tools (and their own personal stories) to help keep all of our minds strong while we wait to take the field again with our teams and coaches.    

Listen to the Elite Mind Web Cast with Legacy (fast forward to 4:00)

The Slides Shared with Us

Click the images below for the key slides shared with us!