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Soccer Parenting Association Offers Parents Valuable Resources

By Legacy Soccer Club , 04/13/20, 8:00PM EDT


Resources and Community for Parents to Learn

Legacy Soccer Club has partnered with the Soccer Parenting Association whose mission is to inspire players by empowering parents,  The platform provides parents with access to resources covering a wide variety of topics from managing the health of your player to working to achieve a balance between school, family, and sports.

Click to read more about the organization and what this can provide you and your family. 

Developing and Sustaining a Positive Youth Soccer Culture

Legacy Soccer Club is excited about our partnership with the Soccer Parenting Association - a vibrant community that promotes and supports critical player development around the active health of athletes, coach integrity, learning from life lessons on and off the field, fostering our players' love and understanding of the game, and doing so with a balanced outlook for each player.  Please see the Soccer Parent Value Statements to the right.  

This community, whose access is free for all Legacy families and staff, has a rich learning platform that provides access to resources, articles, and webinars on a wide variety of topics from managing the health of your player, to referees, coach development, and adapting to today's ever-changing youth sports environments. 

Click this link to learn more about the SoccerParent Resource Center and all the platform has to offer.   

Please reach out to us if you have misplaced the links for your free access to this amazing resource.  We look forward to hearing from you.