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Legacy Coaches

Coach Joel

Coach Joel Dos Santos

Joel Dos Santos

Joel Dos Santos | Head Coach and Director

Coaching License / Certificate:

  • United States Soccer Federation C License
  • United States Soccer Federation D License
  • United States Soccer Federation E License
  • United States Soccer Federation F License
  • The FA Scouting Level 1

Coaching Background: 6+ years of experience in competitive youth level U8-U18, and adult amateur leagues.

Currently Coaching: 2009 Boys Pride, 2010 Boys Pride

Previous Clubs / Positions: - Juventus Academy Boston, Head Coach,  New England Revolution Academy, Staff Coach, Dossan Soccer Academy, Specialized 1-on-1 Coach, Total Soccer FC, Head Coach, Phil Tait 1-on-1 Soccer, Specialized 1-on-1 Coach, Global Premier Soccer (GPS), Head Coach.

Why do I coach?: I fell in love with Soccer since I was 1st introduced to it and have always dedicated most of my time playing and watching it, dreaming to, one day, being able to make a difference in the world through the game of Soccer. I feel blessed and honored to have had great coaches (mentors), team-mates and opponents, back home, that helped enriching my knowledge about the game and that provided me with the opportunity to play in the highest levels of youth soccer both in Cape Verde and in Portugal. I coach today with the purpose of giving back to the younger generations and provide them with the best experience possible in and around a soccer field, where they are allowed to enjoy themselves, dream big and pursue their life goals.

Joel's Favorite Team:   Sporting CP (Lisbon, Portugal) and Academico do Sal (Sal, Cape Verde)

Coach Chico

Coach Chico Barata

Chico Barata

Chico Barata | Staff Coach

Coaching License / Certificate:

  • United States Soccer Federation Grassroots 4v4, 7v7, 9v9
  • United Soccer Coaches 7v7 
  • CIAC Coaching Module for High School Coaches

Coaching Background: 40+ years coaching experience

Currently Coaching: 2014 Girls Pride, 2013 Girls Pride, 2011 Boys Pride

Previous Clubs / Positions:  Immaculate High School, Danbury, CT  (Head Coach - Hall of Fame Member), AC Caldo, CT (Head Coach)

Why do I coach?: I love to work with kids and I love soccer. It is a great game and I want to help the players be the best they can.  

Chico's Favorite Team:  Benfica SLB

Joseph "JoJo" Cerqueira

Joseph "JoJo" Cerqueira | Staff Coach

Name: Joseph “JoJo” Cerqueira

Coaching License / Certificate:

  • Grassroots 7v7 License
  • Grassroots 9v9 License

Coaching Background:

5 years coaching experience at competitive levels U8-U18

Currently with:

  • Legacy Soccer Club, MA (Assistant Coach)
  • Oliver Ames High School (Volunteer Coach)
  • Beautiful Game Soccer Academy (Coach) 

Why do I coach?: Coaching is a huge part of my life. I love to watch kids grow and teach them the game that I love, and see them transform into great players. I believe that coaching also helps me develop in my own personal life. It is my goal to help these kids fall in love with the game of soccer, and develop into not only great players but great people in life; like how I was inspired by coaches in my life.

JoJo's  Favorite Teams : Benfica and Arsenal

Coach Peter

Coach Peter Galeno

Peter Galeno

Peter Galeno | Staff Coach

Coaching License / Certificate: USSF Grassroots Certified

Coaching Background: 4 years of experience

Currently Coaching: 2013 Boys Power, 2010 Girls Pride

Previous Clubs / Positions: None

Why do I coach?: I have always said soccer is my chocolate. My love for the game is to the core, which is why I now coach, to give back the knowledge that was once given to me and hopefully that passion grows in youth players I work with!

Peter's Favorite Team:  Always been a Manchester United fan since the 90’s, that was a team to see play! Go Devils!

Coach John

Coach John Goncalves

John Goncalves

John Goncalves | Staff Coach

Coaching License / Certificate: USSF D License

Coaching Background: 30+ years coaching experience at competitive levels U8-U20

Currently Coaching: 2009 Girls Power, 2004 Girls Pride

Previous Clubs / Positions: 

  • South Shore Select Soccer Club, MA  (Head Coach)
  • NEFC, MA ( Head Coach)
  • Eastern Mass FC, MA ( Head Coach)
  • Norwood Youth Soccer, MA Head Coach and  MTOC State Champions Boys 2009, Girls 2011
  • Norwood High School, MA (Assistant Coach) Boys,  2010-2012 Girls 2013-
  • Ponds of Norwood, MA  soccer clinician for 5 years

Why do I coach?: Coaching as always been part of my life ever since I stopped playing. I love teaching young players and seeing them learn to love the beautiful game as they get better at playing. For me coaching soccer is my way of giving back and honor those that thought me what it is to be part of a team!

John's Favorite Team:  Since I can remember listening to the radio and later watching on TV S.L. Benfica is and will always be my favorite team! In Portugal known as the team of the people. Nothing beats the Stadium of lights and the red wave!

Andre Martins


Coaching License/Certificate:

  • United States Soccer Federation B License
  • FA Wales/UEFA B License Candidate
  • Master of Education and Athletic Administration, Goucher College
  • United Soccer Coaches National Diploma

Coaching Background: 10 years of experience ranging from U8-U23 in competitive youth, adult amateur, interscholastic athletics, and NCAA.

Currently Coaching: 2011 Girls Pride, 2011 Girls Power

Previous Clubs/Positions:

  • Graduate Assistant Coach, Goucher College Men’s Soccer (MD)
  • Head Coach, Baltimore Union (MD)
  • Head Coach, Bruno United (RI)
  • Co-Founder, Connect Soccer Academy (RI)
  • Assistant Coach, Bryant University Women’s Soccer (RI)
  • Head Coach Girls Varsity, Saint Raphael Academy (RI)
  • Assistant Coach, Salve Regina Women’s Soccer (RI)

Why do I coach?: My two biggest passions in life are soccer and coaching. Soccer was introduced to my brothers and I at a young age and we fell in love quickly. All we did was play soccer in the yard and watch games on television. I knew from a young age I wanted soccer coaching as my profession, a journey I am enjoying. I am grateful to share and teach the game that I grew up loving. My aim is to ignite the passion and love for the game in youngsters so that they continue to love soccer throughout their lives!

Andre’s Favorite Team: Portuguese National Team and FC Porto



Coach Ryan

Coach Ryan Michelangelo

Ryan Michelangelo

Ryan Michelangelo | Staff Coach

Coaching License / Certificates

  • NSCAA Advanced Regional
  • National and State GK Diplomas
  • Several individual certification courses

Coaching Background

  • 20+ years coaching experience at competitive club levels U10-U17 (7 State Cup Championships
  • 9 years coaching at the Collegiate Level (2 NCAA Tournament Appearances, 2 ECAC Regional Tournament Appearances, 2 Conference Championships)

Currently Coaching: 2010 Boys Power

Previous Clubs / Positions: 

  • Lasell College (Assistant Men’s Coach)
  • NEFC, MA (Head Coach)
  • EMFC, MA (Head Coach)
  • Galway Rovers, MA (Head Coach)
  • South Coast Scorpions Soccer Club, MA (Assistant Coach)

Why do I coach?: I could likely write a book when I think about all the reasons I coach, at the end of the day coaching has always been about mentorship. During my soccer career I’ve always been very lucky to have amazing coaches and teammates in my life. They made it their priority to not only drive me to accomplish more than I ever thought imaginable, but most importantly they knew how to use sports to teach me valuable lessons about life. I take great pride in providing guidance and mentorship to young athletes in hopes that I can help them reach their full potential, while leading them to experience the same joys and success I was lucky enough to experience myself.

Ryan's Favorite Team:  With my crazy schedule I’ve not been able to watch much soccer over the past several years but when I was able to, Manchester United was my team of choice.

Kevin Moreira Sr.

Kevin Moreira Sr. | Staff Coach

Name: Kevin Moreira Sr.

Coaching License / Certificate:

  • United States Soccer Federation C License
  • United States Soccer Federation D License
  • United States Soccer Federation E License
  • United States Soccer Federation F License
  • United Soccer Coaches – Special Topics Diploma - Development of Psychology in Youth Players
  • United Soccer Coaches – Special Topics Diploma - Teaching Techniques Activities to Games

Coaching Background:

  • 15+ years coaching experience at competitive levels U8-U14
  • 5 + years coaching experience at competitive levels U15-U17

Currently with:

  • Legacy Soccer Club, MA (Head Coach)
  • Massachusetts Youth Soccer District Select D2 (Head Coach)
  • Raynham Youth Soccer, MA (Head Coach - Travel)
  • Raynham Youth Soccer, MA (Board of Directors) Personal

Currently coaching: 2013 Boys Pride, 2011 Boys Power

Coaching Philosophy:  My coaching philosophy is simple, concentrate on player development and working as a team now when the players are younger, so it becomes second nature when they are older. A coach must provide a positive experience for all players and accept and appreciate what each player can contribute. Wins are special but close losses are ok too if they pushed themselves hard, tried something new and took a chance playing outside their comfort zone.

Kevin's Favorite Teams:  S.L. Benfica for Portugal Primeira Liga - European Soccer and New England Revolution for MLS

Coach Scott

Coach Scott Sullivan

Scott Sullivan

Scott Sullivan | Staff Coach

Coaching License / Certificate

  • United States Soccer Federation “D” License
  • United Soccer Coaches - Advanced National Youth Diploma
  • United Soccer Coaches - National Diploma
  • United Soccer Coaches - High School Diploma
  • United Soccer Coaches - National Goalkeeper Diploma

Coaching Background: 21+ years coaching experience

Currently Coaching: 2011 Boys Lions

Previous Clubs / Positions: 

  • Boston Rams, MA (Head Coach / GK Coach - 2010 - 2016) 
  • Curry College, MA  (GK Coach / Ass't. Coach - 2007-2010)
  • Norwood High School, MA (Varsity Head Coach - 2004 - 2007) 
  • Norwood Youth Soccer, MA (Head Coach - 1998 - 2003)

Why do I coach?: Some of my first memories are kicking a soccer ball, and was lucky enough to have my dad be my first coach.  I knew the game would have a place in my life for as long as I'm standing.  There's no better feeling than coaching kids through a season and watching the progress over the year.  Helping them through the ups and downs and building a team from a group of individuals.  The game is the best teacher, my role and goal is to keep them moving in the right direction and make it fun.

Scott's Favorite Team:  Liverpool FC