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Scott Dolan Memorial

Scott Dolan Remembered

We are finding it difficult as a club to find the right words to properly convey Scott’s influence on our players, families, our staff, and our very existence as he was more than just a co-founder of Legacy, a coach, a mentor, and a friend. He embodied all that we want to be as an organization dedicated to developing young people.

Scott will be remembered for his infectious smile and indomitable belief in each child’s ability to become the best player and person they can be while playing the game that he loved. Scott had a super-natural gift to listen to and connect with players of all ages, and to help them overcome whatever obstacles they may be facing. Scott has had an immeasurable impact on our club (from Easton United to Legacy Soccer Club), and in our communities – from his “happy place” working with our Pre-K through 2nd grade players to the numerous young people he has coached, mentored, and guided to success on and off the playing field. His love of life, enjoyment of the moment, hard work, and celebration of all things small and large will live within all he touched.

“Scott and I started with a small Idea to change the club soccer world and make it about family, friends and passion for the game -  not about wins and championship as those things would come with our foundation focused on player development. It is with great pride that I remember all the lunches, phone calls and selfies!! I miss him dearly but know he is watching over us.”                                                                                         - Legacy Co-Founder and CEO, John Barata

Pride. Purpose. Power. Scott helped come up with these three words that embody our club. 

We have Pride in what Scott has helped build as a club together, in the family environment he created, in the development of each of the players he has coached, in the love of the game he fostered, and in the everyday battles he encouraged all of us to fight with a smile.

We have Purpose as we remain committed to the vision and mission Scott had for our club to provide the best player-focused, family-friendly, fun, and positively challenging youth development environment possible for all.

We have Power due to the self-confidence that Scott instilled in his players and colleagues as they strove to challenge themselves, to the resilience he exemplified when faced with the obstacles life and the game presented, and to the dedication he demonstrated to the improvement of himself and those around him.

Scott’s Legacy lives within all of us.